The End of London

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The Super Mega Plot is a project developed for Desing III, Bachelor in Architecture.
A continuous platform combines new and existing elements, assimilating architecture under an immense congregation of public housing. The new block transcends the traditional boundaries of "plot" and incorporates the adjoining public areas.

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A few years after the United Kingdom had left the European Union, some secessionist parties, fearful of the continuous avalanche of immigrants that suffocated the country, did not see their demands satisfied with a plan that had only stopped part of these masses. The new technologies, and the cheapening of the airlines, represented an even greater risk for the identity of British cities. Harassed by Instagrammers and influencers in search of the perfect image for their coffee cups with friends, the historic centres became the battlefield between the "old British ladies" and the trips of retired people from other countries. The capitalist processes of speculation settled an inaccessible home, transforming the consolidated architectural fabric of the cities into a large holiday resort where the life of the inhabitants appeared as a great picturesque theatre.

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